We have a website now

Recently I’ve been noticing the disconnect between how we post on social stuff, and how we want to talk to people who like our music. For whatever reason, these things had never equated in my head and I’ve been trying to figure out why. After a long period of self-indulgent, self-reflection, and a killer montage involving scribbling pencils and latin symbols which scroll vertically across the screen, I think I’ve got a bit closer to understanding why I find it all so gross.

However convenient social media is, it puts some obvious restrictions on how we can get our message across. The main reason for this is the inherent element of competition which comes along with it. We’re going up against every other band in the world, as well as the dinner and cat posts of everyone that a prospective viewer has ever met. But then in case that wasn’t tough enough, there’s those pesky algorithms that want us to fail so that we pay up. I’ve had occasional conversations about this common enemy with plenty of other people in bands. It bonds us together. Back in the old days, punks would trade stories about sleeping on wet floors, in German squats, at the height of winter; nowadays it’s ‘My post about this show only reached 10 people!’ - ‘oh my god, mine too’. Yep, brothers and sisters in arms; going up against the machines.

The way in which my point of view tends to differ from those I talk to is that I don’t feel particularly entitled to these people’s feeds. Facebook and Twitter don’t owe us anything, and like in every other aspect of modern society, the idea that a huge corporation would have the backs of the little guy is absurd. But in having accepted this as reality, we’ve had to adapt to occasionally succeed. The most immediate consequence of this is that we’re too often changing the way we would post in order to fit a format which we know will give us the best chance of getting seen. Most of it’s trivial little things, like not posting youtube videos or event pages, and keeping our posts short, sweet and usually with a photo of our faces. But it tends to add up - leaving our ‘online persona’ a hollow shell of the collective personalities that we know form our band. There’s more to us than show posters and selfies - but up until now, we’ve not felt like there’s any more room, outside of the music, to present this in a way we feel comfortable.

So this all leads us nicely into unveiling our website! It’s not revolutionary by any means, in fact - if anything we’re regressing back to 1998 - but it does give us somewhere in which to post what we want, in a space free of clutter. The idea is to be able to share whatever we want but specifically for people who want to see it. We have some cool plans and I’m pretty optimistic about the possibilities of this currently very bare site. This is not to say at all that we’re abstaining from usual social media posts, it's 2016 - that’d be really stupid. But what we’ll be trying to do is at least have a mix of the two sources, leaving us able to post all different sorts of content so that you can dig as deep as you’d like. So yeah, thanks for indulging me, and there’s plenty more to come!

- Rich

WordsRich Mandell