November Tour Diary - Day 3/4

DAY 3 - Today we went into Leeds, as Woahnows had gone to play an evening show in Leicester and wouldn’t be picking us up a few hours. The most important part of the trip was going to Pound Bakery to pick up some vegan sausage rolls for brekkie. We then went to Leeds Ethical Market, which was okay - I bought some soya whipped cream and a bakewell slice. We bumped into some people who we’d met when we played our first show in Amsterdam in March, which was a bit weird - but it was in a veggie cafe so that made sense. Woahnows came to pick us up and we said goodbye to Simon and his housemate along with Amber the Spaniel. <3

Next stop was Newcastle, which was about a 2 hour drive so not too bad. I watched a thing on BBC iPlayer which involved going through an autopsy - I love that kind of thing. We arrived at the venue (Think Tank) and it was really cool. We skateboarded around the massive backstage bit - I reckon I’m getting a bit better at it! We got given a tenner (!) to go and get some food so went to this nice place called Herb Garden and I had a pizza with loads of veggies, it was tasty. I was full and sleepy but we rushed back to the gig just in time to see opener Tough Tits who were great. They even gave me a t-shirt when I went to buy one, how nice is that! I enjoyed our set (phew!) - but I think I’m pushing it on adding the spontaneous fills. Woahnows played some great new songs, in particular this one about how they met a some Syrians when they were last in Germany. It’s about how life isn’t really so bad when you realise the shit some people have to go through, and that of course it’s all relative. Muncie Girls are so tight and played a really great set. Luke played a few songs with a click track which sounds like my worst fear - I was impressed!

That night we stayed at someone called Ross’ house. He lives with his parents and they put up bands all the time, apparently they’re into the hundreds! They made us a fake chorizo stew, which was really nice! Also they had these really cute budgies called Peter and Penny. I was very grateful as I got a bed but I don’t think I could ever commit to putting up people like they do - a bunch of potentially dickhead musicians in my house every night of the week - NO THANKS.

DAY 4 - We slept in till like 11am and then I went for a run which was lush, and we then headed to Glasgow. The journeys have been pretty easy so far, Phil is a good driver and we haven’t hit any major traffic - I’ve probably jinxed it now! We arrived in Glasgow at about 5 and had some delicious dinner. The gig had a lower turn out than we’d hoped but it was a Monday night so that was a likely factor. As part of Woahnows’ set, I played the ‘rock block’ in their song Breathing Games, which made me really happy hah! That night we hung out and stayed with someone called Aimee, it was a really warm house which was a nice change. It ended up being a fairly heavy night for some of us but I think it was totally worth the hangover!

- Phoebe


WordsRich Mandell