November Tour Diary - Day 5/6

Day 5 - We woke up and I had the best shower of the tour. Considering the heavy night before, I didn't feel too bad. I got a bed which I am always grateful for! After much discussion about whether we had enough time to go somewhere for food (the general consensus was not really), we headed to Mono Records which has a vegan cafe. I had a delicious seitan burger (head to my Instagram, @phoebejcross …) with chips and it really hit the spot. The rest of the day was pretty much spent in Big Yellow. We stopped off at the infamous Lake District services, which has the feel of a large farm shop with beautiful views of the landscape, nothing like your usual Welcome Break. Once in Manchester we ended up being stuck in traffic for another 2 hours, so it was getting pretty tight for time, but we arrived just before the first band started playing. I've started half-heartedly doing warm ups on a practice pad, since Wherley from Woahnows) and Luke from Muncie Girls are both well professional and always warm up. Maybe I'll get one, it does help! I felt kinda in a haze when we went on stage, but we had a solid gig. The stage was a bit weird and Neil had a massive pillar in front of him, but the crowd response was good. We loaded out fairly swiftly after the gig and had a reasonably early night sleeping in someone's living room.

Day 6 - The day of the London gig! It felt like 'the big one' but I was trying not to think about it too much. There was this gorgeous black and white cat in the living room which helped me get out of my sleeping bag and up for the day. Us and Woahnows found this veggie breakfast place literally 30 seconds from where we'd stayed. I had an amazing fry up with extra refried beans and avocado. We arrived in London at about 5pm and had to drive Big Yellow around Camden for a bit so Phil could find a parking space. I'd never been to Camden Underworld before but Rich and Neil had a 'Pay to Play' gig there once in their old band haha. I went into the dressing room and ate the best rider food so far and then had a sound check. I haven't mentioned sound check until now cos that's boring, but we got one most nights, which was a nice change. In no-time it was our set, and I was so happy that there was a decent crowd. Some friends from school as well as some old housemates showed up which was nice! Rich's stage talk was on point which is always a good sign too. He mentioned the customised Happy Accidents towels I'd bought for us all which seemed to amuse people. I watched Woahnows and then me and Rich went to get falafel and humous wraps. If you learn anything from this tour diary it should be that playing gigs is mostly about the food before and after. Muncie Girls played such a great set and I'm so happy they had such a great crowd!

Once we'd loaded out, we drove back to mine and Rich's place in New Cross. It was pretty weird coming home and having to go back on tour again the next day with only one day left to go. This tour went so quickly now I think about it! Lande (from Muncie Girls), Woahnows, Iona (from Shit Present), Rich and I, just hung out and drank beers, tea and ate random spring rolls I had in the freezer. I think we ended going to bed at about 4am. Everyone liked my gerbils, Pants and Socks.

- Phoebe

WordsRich Mandell