November Tour Diary - Day 1/2

DAY 1 - I couldn’t wait to finish work on Friday afternoon knowing I had a whole week off on tour; having just got back from an 11 day tour in Europe and so it was pretty exciting to do another in such quick succession. I got on the 15.49 London Euston to Birmingham and of course the person who sat next to me had a full on Burger King meal. The smell turned my stomach somewhat, ugh. When the train filled up and resembled a can of sardines, the most familiar anxieties stirred in me about needing to push past people to use the toilet. Luckily I had a window seat that I could gaze out of until it got dark. I managed to remain calm and reached my destination in reasonable comfort, and then ambled down to the venue.

The tour manager Dave gave us all a fiver to go and get some food, which was something I’m not used to. I was pretty stoked about it! Unfortunately I ended up buying a fairly disappointing meal from Cafe Soya, maybe I just chose wrong? You can’t have it all huh! Before I knew it I was on the stage about to play. I felt strangely unprepared and self conscious, I think it had something to do with having a week off from playing shows and not having had a rehearsal. But anyway, the show went reasonably well! I messed up our oldest song (Small Talk) a bit which I found a bit hard to bounce back from, but once I realised everyone was being nice about our set and that it doesn’t really matter, I let it go. Sometimes the first show of a tour is hard and it’s easy to overthink things while playing. The best shows are where you forget to care about playing everything perfectly and just have a good time.

I heard Woahnows and they sounded sick, but I didn’t see much of them because of my post-set haze. I made sure to see all of Muncie Girls and they aced it. I really like their new song, it’s based on a family struggling as a result of our failing welfare state and has a super-catchy chorus. 

That night I got my first ride in BIG YELLOW (yep, that’s it’s official name now), which is Phil from Woahnows’ van. It was super comfy and even has a table. We’ve never been driven on tour by anyone, and it’s a nice change! I was pretty scared about it at first, cause when I don’t know the people I always worry about freaking out. But everyone is so nice and I feel really comfortable (wheyyy). That night we stayed in an out-of-use school in Wolverhampton, which is being looked after by guardians. It was so awesome. Warm, cosy, and obviously very spacey; we made sure to skate through the corridors in the morning.

DAY 2 - We went to ASDA (what a dream) to pick up some breakfast nibbles and general snacks before hitting the road for our next destination, Leeds. We were playing the Brudenell Social Cluband I’d only ever been there to watch our friends Milk Crimes play in the small room, so it was all very exciting to be playing there. It was a matinee show and our stage time was 3.15, so we sound checked, ate some humous wraps and then played. For me, and I’m pretty sure the other two guys, it definitely felt better than the Birmingham gig. The sound was really good and I just had a fun time. It was an early one because The Front Bottoms were also playing in Leeds that night and so after our show, us and Simon (from Milk Crimes) went along to theirs. Luckily we knew a lot of people on that toursince Apologies, I Have None were supporting, and our friends Ester and Paul were doing merch. We even got to sit on a prop sofa they had in the middle of the stage while they were playing. I was so stoked and generally amused. It’s very surreal to be on a stage in front of a thousand people with no one paying you any attention. We played on our phones, watched the band from quite literally the best seat in the house and really took in how ridiculous/ great the whole thing was.

- Phoebe

WordsRich Mandell