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Documentary // UK Tour // VHS Tapes!


We thought it might be a good time to explain a bit about that video thing we put out yesterday! We've been talking about making it for years and I'm sooo chuffed it's out in the world in all of it's stupid glory.

In case anyone was wondering, it's an almost shot for shot recreation of a documentary that BBC South made in the 80's about Phoebe's Dad's band 'Laughter in the Garden'. It follows the band as they struggle to get a foot in the music industry, play showcases to dudes with sunglasses, have their music completely re-arranged and most importantly, do a haircut montage. We watched it on a recorded DVD that he had lying around and became totally obsessed. So yeah, we just changed a few details, drafted in a few friends, and made it ourselves over the last 6 months. I hope more bands start to make 16 minute music videos so we feel less alone.

We've had VHS tapes made of the film too in super limited quantities! Jono Ganz, our in house art guy designed the artwork and it's amazing! You can grab them here!

Also, we're going on tour with Hurry from Philadelphia! We've been into Hurry for years and they rule and I'm well excited. I think it's gonna be our last lot of UK shows for a while so come through! Tickets are available here and the first 20 tickets bought for each show get's an actual real life paper ticket - in 2018! It's a lush, shiny, collectible thing and I assure you it's cool. So get on that and see you there please... please?

WordsRich Mandell
You Might Be Right Zine

In July we put out our album, and in case ya missed it, we printed a zine to go along with it. The zine attempts to kind of be a companion piece, talking through our experiences and decisions. Either way, to celebrate it's six month anniversary, we've made it available to download in colour! If you still want the physical zine, you can grab that here. Thanks!

WordsRich Mandell