Ep. 4. Rachel Williams from that band Peaness

Heya! After a long hiatus, we're back with another podcast episode thing! This time, it's slightly different in that Phoebe's taken the reigns. Phoebe and Rachel talk over being what they grew up listening to, first gigs, and both being female drummers. Good times!

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New Video 'Text Me When You're Home' and a UK Tour!

Here's the video for Text Me When You're Home, the latest song from our new album! We also announced a UK tour in case you missed it.

The songs one of our favs from the record and Phoebe wrote this for the press stuff:

"The song's about the inherent threat of walking home alone at night that often comes with being a woman. There's a constant fear of the unknown because unwarranted interactions such as being shouted at, or worse, are all too common. I shouldn't have to take my safety for granted, and we have a long way to go to overcome this engrained societal misogyny."

The albums out in just over a month now, and considering that we recorded it in March last year, it's all snuck up really fast. Either way, hopefully it shows a different side to the record and you should feel free to come see us play it on tour.

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