In July 2016 we put out our album You Might Be Right. In case you missed it, we did a zine to come along with it. We're almost out of the zines, so we decided to digitalise it for everyone else. So here it is, in blog form, and if you still want the physical version you can do so here.


It’s probably worth noting that this whole zine* thing came about because we initially wanted to make a scooter. Jack (of Alcopop! Records fame) came up with an idea to make a band branded mobility accessory to go with a mega bundle. At the time of writing, this may still happen, but as a backup plan we thought it might be nice to draw up some sort of zine to accompany the album.
As it’s for people to buy alongside their pre-orders, I’m going to try and give information on the recording process that there’s not generally room for on social media. When I’m into something I always want to know as much as I humanly can about it. And so in the spirit of trying to do things that I wish my favourite bands would do, this is an attempt to flesh everything out for anyone who might care.
I was also really inspired to write more about the band’s experiences from our friends in Doe and Kamikaze Girls who did real time daily tour updates. It got me thinking about all the things we’ve experienced and achieved, but failed to document. I used to try and write daily diary entries when I was about 18, often to calm what I now realise was panic attacks. At times the process of writing things down helped, but all I was left with was documentation of the worst experiences. Anything inspiring or life affirming was left to my memory, shedding details by the day, until everything was a vague blur. I’ve always found it hard to recall positive emotions on demand, whereas any embarrassment or shame I’ve felt can feel as real as it was at the time.
So with that in mind, I really want to document the details of an album I think we’re all really proud of! In relative terms, it definitely wasn’t easy, but I hope that I can paint a balanced portrait of our experiences and give a bit more insight into the - prepare for pretence - creative process *barf*. The zine switches between my (Rich) retrospective point of view and extracts from a blog that Phoebe kept at the time, which hopefully gives a bit of a more rounded picture.
So without further delay, I present to you ‘VH1’s Behind the smiles: The Happy Accidents Story’; or maybe ‘You Think You Know Happy Accidents? Think Again!’. We’ll decide later!

*I hesitate a bit before calling this a zine. I know zine culture is super important to a lot of people and it’s something that we as a band only really dabble in. Obviously to write a whole piece about ourselves in what is so often a political medium could seem rather self involved, but I hope our contribution is taken in the good spirit in which it was intended.